Why the Kilt?

“Why the kilt?”

It’s the question that I get asked most often when I’m wearing a kilt. And you, dear reader, are probably asking that question, too. Why the heck is this guy writing about kilts? Well…

The worst day in a kilt is better than the best day in pants.

Wearing a kilt is affirming to me on a number of levels. First off is the sheer physical comfort of a kilt. My kilts don’t bind on my thighs like ill-fitting pants do. They don’t chafe my groin. They don’t pinch my waist. Kilts are comfy! In the winter kilts are warmer than pants, and in the summer kilts are cooler than pants. It sounds contradictory, but kilts trap a big pocket of insulating air next to my body, and a much bigger layer of air than I could ever get with pants. In the winter that pocket of air is warm. But in the summer, when I’m sweating, that pocket of air is cooling with the evaporation off of my big thighs. And a pocket of cool air is so much more comfortable than sticky, sweaty pants.

Kilts are fun! Wearing kilts brings me joy. But aside from clown pants, are there really any fun pants out there? It doesn’t matter whether it’s tartan or denim, leather or cotton, kilts express and reinforce my own creativity. Which brings me to my next point…


Kilts make people smile! The world needs more happiness. No one ever looks at me and says, “Nice pants, dude,” (unless I’m wearing clown pants). But not a day goes by in a kilt when someone doesn’t compliment me. Which brings me to my last point…

Kilts improve my self-esteem! Getting complimented in a kilt has done wonders for my self-esteem. Instead of feeling like a total loser, I feel like a cool guy. Kilts inspire confidence, something that I was sorely lacking in my days BK (Before Kilts).

But don’t you need confidence to wear a kilt, you ask gentle reader? You need a nugget of confidence, true, a seed grain that your kilt can build upon. I’ve been laughed at and ostracized in pants, so what’s the worst that can happen if I wear a kilt? Bring it on!




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