Stuff I’ve Made

“So, I’ve got an idea for something I want to make…”

Those are dangerous, bur creative words for me. I’m always thinking about how to make stuff, big and small. The list is long. Right now I’m looking at my new, mechanical skeleton watch & thinking that I need to make a new mounting loop for the old leather watchband, because the pin is a little too narrow, and it’s bending.

Then there’s bigger stuff that I make, like bikes and boats. I tried my hand as an entrepreneur for a few years, building and selling bamboo bicycles. I was pretty darn good at building them, but selling them was more of a challenge, and I never was able to do it profitably enough…

I’ve made costumes and soups. I’ve built thirty-foot-tall bamboo pagodas. I designed bicycle racks for the City of Norfolk. I’ve laser-etched my name on my knives at 757 Makerspace. I helped start an awesome bike advocacy group, Bike Norfolk. I’ve 3D-printed pistons, mouthpieces and mutes for my horns. I made a banjolele. I’ve made birthday presents and Christmas cards. I’ve hacked my kilts and my bikes and my helmets. I spent a decade as a photographer for Norfolk Southern Railroad, making images for them.

I’ve built communities and relationships with people, and watched as they’ve changed and died. As a recently divorced dad, I’m trying to make a new path that honors both my children, their mother and myself. And that’s perhaps the toughest thing I’ve made to date.

But I’m gonna make it.

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