Makey, Makey at 757 Makerspace

It’s another productive Sunday afternoon for me at 757 Makerspace: pouring tentacle casts, strumming my ukulele, giving impromptu tours (that’s what happens when you leave the door to the magic kingdom open), and writing.

The coal train whistles a couple blocks away, and the Black Keys warble on the stereo. The plants on the loading dock wave in the wind. It seems like I always have half a dozen projects to work on when I walk through the doors of Makerspace. I’ve got to cast some new fender mounts for my recumbent bicycle, download that new iOS update, burn some more yoga mandalas on the Accuris laser table, adjust my Brooks Conquest bike saddle, and take some more skills tests on Oh yeah, I really need to add Sports Kilt Ambassador to my LinkedIn profile, too, and maybe read today’s gospel lesson in German.

When I get too frazzled by it all, it’s time for some Headspace. A few minutes of guided meditation brings me back down to earth and calms the nagging voice in the back of my head that keeps insisting that I’m not doing enough. Even though I know I’m ten times more productive than I’d be if I was just watching some Sunday afternoon football game.

So here’s to productive Sundays at 757 Makerspace, the coolest place to make be idiosyncratic, autodidactic and eclectic in Norfolk, Virginia.

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